Jim Stern

Everything that God does is established in righteousness and justice, and the foundation of Jesus’ leadership is right and just actions. For us to understand His ways, we must understand […]

Have you ever been in powerful time of worship, but the worship team wasn’t all that talented? I have. Have you ever been in a time of worship that’s kind […]

Exodus 19:6 – “And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests…” Many believers have never heard that for ages to come their eternal identity is that of a priest […]

Our “vertical life” is referring directly to our relationship with Jesus. With all of the things that happen in our lives every day, all the things to which we tend, […]

Personally, I’m a history guy…always have been and always will be.  Now I know that with that statement I just lost some of you, but hang with me for a […]