How To Pray In A Crisis

Crisis is often the great “revealer” of where our relationship with God really is because it instantly provokes many questions about the nature/character of God, while also shaking our hearts and reminding us of just how weak and frail we really are. Many times when a professing Christian finds themselves in a crisis they don’t know what to pray and experience a haunting distance in their relationship with God. Too often the Godly find themselves praying the same prayer the godless are praying in the midst of great difficulty… “Where are you God? What are you doing? Why is this happening?” All of these are legitimate questions that God will speak to if we have ears to hear what His Spirit is speaking to us as the church.

So what’s the difference between the Godly and the godless in the time of crisis? One key distinction is that the Godly are drawing near to One they know while the godless are calling out to One that they don’t know, hoping that their distant appeal to the God they have heard about (but never really known) will cause something positive to happen on their behalf. The Godly have intimacy with God, and that nearness of relationship in the place of prayer is their lifeline, their strength, and their way forward in the middle of a crisis.

So how do we pray in a time of crisis?

#1 – Draw near to God.

The first action for God’s people in the presence of a storm is to run to His presence and get rid of any distance that’s between us and God. Scripture promises us that if we truly draw near to Him with our hearts He will draw near to us (James 4:8).

2# – Take responsibility for our personal and corporate sin.

Before we can ask for God to fix “it”, we must humble ourselves and ask Him to fix us. “But Lord, I’m not the cause of the problem here!” Just as Jesus bore the collective reproach of humanity on the cross, He asks His church to do as He did and repent for the corporate sin that we are connected to in our humanity, that sin is a driving force in so many of crisis’ that we have to walk through in our life.

#3 – Declare who He is in the midst of the crisis.

The Godly are the ones that see Him, praise Him, and declare who He is in the midst of the storm, the godless are the ones that accuse and blame God in the mist of the storm. God is not absent from the crisis, He is not silent in the crisis, He is in the middle of the situation bringing about His good will while not violating our free will in the process.

Draw near to God, open the Word, see who He is, repent for sin, He will speak to you and move on your behalf.

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