Our Eternal Identity

Exodus 19:6 – “And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests…”

Many believers have never heard that for ages to come their eternal identity is that of a priest before God. Forever and ever we will minister to Him in worship and prayer; forever we will partner with Him and see wrong things made right. In the heart of God there has always been the vision and the desire for a priestly people that value His presence, tend to it, and pursue more of Him. As we grow in the knowledge and understanding of who we are forever before God, it gives us a strength and a confidence in our life before God today.

In the Old Testament the priests would offer up sacrifices to God, burn incense, and experience His holy presence. In our walk with Christ today we experience these same realities daily by offering up praise and worship to God, meditating on His Word, speaking and singing His Words back to Him, and offering up prayers of adoration and intercession. When we engage in these priestly activities we minister to Him, and from this place we are empowered with the the grace to minister to others.

The primary intercessory prayer Jesus modeled for the disciples was the petition for God’s kingdom to come and be established “on earth as it is in heaven.” King David, the Old Testament prophets, and the apostles walked in the revelation and the understanding of how God was worshiped in heaven. They possessed a compelling desire for God to be worshiped and adored on earth as He is worshiped and adored in heaven, and they contended earnestly for this reality in their generation.

As the second coming of Christ draws nearer and nearer, so the focus of Jesus being loved and worshiped will grow in the hearts of the church around the world, the Bride of Christ. Before He returns there will be a church around the earth with a vertical focus and worship and prayer will be established in every tribe and tongue!

When our identity is established in the simplicity of who we are with Him, for Him, and to Him, it brings a true peace to our hearts. Whatever our current assignment is, whatever season we find ourselves in, we know that loving and exalting Jesus is who we are. Forever we will be growing in these things, and forever we will relate to Jesus in these ways.


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