Prayer-Centered Church

In 2008, God set Destiny Church and the Sterns on a journey of becoming a people with prayer at the center of everything.  It radically transformed their approach to ministry.  During the journey, Jim preached many series of messages to grow the church in understanding of:

  • intimacy with God and what it means to have a vertical life like David did
  • how prayer and intimacy fuel missions, evangelism, and justice
  • what the Bible tells us lies ahead in the ages to come that we will spend with Jesus.

The foundation for prayer, worship, and relationship with God laid with these teachings really shifted Destiny’s paradigm for how we do church and measure success.  Jim has become a voice for local churches becoming prayer-centered.  Four of these foundational messages were compiled into a study book meant to go alone with audio or video teachings by Jim.  Small groups, leadership teams, and congregations are finding a vibrant prayer life as a result of studying these topics.  Find out more about this on the website under “Resources.”


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