Worship Leading Is More About Leadership Than It Is About Music

Have you ever been in powerful time of worship, but the worship team wasn’t all that talented? I have.

Have you ever been in a time of worship that’s kind of dead, but the worship team had a lot of talent? I have.

So what’s up with that? Often, leading people into the presence of God has more to do with being able to lead people than it does with the ability to make beautiful music. Does God like beautiful music? Sure He does…He created it. Does He also enjoy a pure hearted joyful noise? Yes He does. Genuine hearts = genuine enjoyment for Jesus.

So for the worship leaders out there remember this, the ability to lead good worship has much more to do with your ability to unite people’s hearts around genuine and joy-filled worship than it does around you making the greatest sounds in the world. And practically speaking, this means that you focus on growing your personal heart of worship and your ability to lead people (character, communication, relationships) as much or more as you focus on growing your musical abilities.

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